One head, two, three heads… Wings are optional, but it’s much more interesting with them. Fire breath that turns everything to ashes. Spiked tail? Why not? Fangs, claws, impenetrable scales, a pile of gold in one corner of the cave, a half-gnawed beauty in the other. Can you recognize who are we talking about?

Dragons are the main fantasy animals, although some of them can only be called animals at a stretch. Feral appearance of these giant lizards is due to their mythological origin, because earlier they were assigned either a divine or natural status. What are they like in battle? Indeed, in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, you will have to exactly engage in a battle with the participation of dragons – either on their side or against them.

The skin of an adult dragon is almost impenetrable. They can even enhance their armor with gems.
Dragons have a subtle mind and cunning, are incredibly strong and love to collect treasures. By talking to a dragon, you run the risk of falling under their spell. The only way to avoid hypnosis is not to refuse to communicate (otherwise it will anger your fire-breathing interlocutor), but to respond evasively. It is necessary to hide useful information from the dragons and, as far as possible, speak in riddles. These creatures have an innate weakness for them.

Of course, in a fight with a dragon, this will not help. After all, there will be no time to talk. But to breathe fire is please! Feel the full power of a huge lizard flying at the enemy and attacking from the air. Your opponents will flee in fear dropping their weapons. There is basically one way to deal with a dragon – long-range arms. So you should be particularly careful of archers when controlling your dragon. And if you’re fighting against other beasts, make sure to keep a safe distance from them because some of them are very strong and can bring you down if they hit you! Enjoy playing Animal Revolt Battle Simulator as a dragon!

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