Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

We are accustomed to the fact that the earth is at our disposal, we reign supreme on it and ourselves decide the fate of all living things. But what if everything was wrong and the world was controlled by representatives of the fauna? In this game you have the opportunity to watch spectacular battles of various animals. And not only to observe, but also to organize them yourself! Excellent 3D graphics will turn everything that happens into an exciting spectacle. And it depends only on you whether your beastly army will win!

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is available in two modes. The first of these is the single player campaign. Here you follow the scenario of the game, fighting against evil people who want to take back control of the planet. You need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your soldiers, covered with skin, feathers or scales, in order to gain an advantage on the battlefield. The army can be composed as you like – no matter how much the representatives of the fauna that are included in it are combined in living nature.

Feel free to create the most incredible combinations. Imagine that huge spiders are crawling in one formation with the war elephants, sprinkling with poison and striking their victims from a distance. What about dinosaurs? Everyone knows how powerful and creepy they are. The enraged Tyrannosaurus will easily crush an entire army! And of course the highlight of our military hit parade is the fire-breathing dragon!

In addition, in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator you will also find famous representatives of the cinema. Here, for example, Godzilla meets, who, as you remember, destroyed entire cities. But will he be able to cope with a well-armed army of people who do not want to give up their superiority on the planet for anything? After all, even the strongest and toughest monster has a limited supply of health. And the large size can only become a hindrance to maneuverability and dodging projectiles.

So, as you can see, each situation has its own pros and cons! And this only makes the game more interesting. After all, in order to win, it is not enough for you to simply crush the enemy with naked force, you also need to use your tactical ingenuity. Start playing Animal Revolt Battle Simulator now and immerse yourself in a world of incredible battles between the most fantastic creatures that have ever walked – or not walked – on our planet!

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