Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Godzilla

Can you hear this piercing roar shaking the buildings? It anticipates the appearance of a fifty-meter overgrown lizard. Like the horns of the Apocalypse, this acoustic bomb makes it clear that the poor people on the other side of the screen will not live long. The powerful paws of the monster crush entire tank battalions into dust, and attacks from its huge tail cut skyscrapers in half. His name is Godzilla, and since he has decided to honor another millionaire city with his visit, rest assured, there will be no stone unturned from the metropolis.

Ever since his first appearance on the screens, Godzilla has become highly popular. And even now, decades after the first movie where he debuted, he is still not forgotten. Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is yet another proof of that. How else can you explain that, so many years having passed, this famous monster makes an appearance once again in a new hot game? Here you can see what he’s like in fighting. You will be controlling him in a battle against other creepy beasts that are available in this game!

You will be thrilled with the level of realism in every bit of the events unfolding on your computer screen. All animal models move according to the laws of physics, you will see their bodies perform plausible movements and receiving injuries that bleed. You will see their bones broken and them being hurt. This really increases the thrill from watching the whole process. Besides, you won’t be just an observer – you will lead Godzilla into the combat!

Note that, like all other characters of Animal Revolt Battle, he has both his strengths and weaknesses. They should be considered if you want to succeed on the battlefield. With practice, you will figure out how your hero behaves in the combat and how you can use his special powers to win. Keep an eye on the health meter and try to avoid any critical damage. You can fight both against other beasts and humans that will attack you in numbers. Remember that even though size is your advantage, you still need to think tactically! Good luck!

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